DCI Coming to Tom Bean!

We have an awesome opportunity on Wednesday July 20th. The GENESIS Drum & Bugle Corps, a DCI performing group, will be spending the day rehearsing at Tom Bean High School. All band students and community members are invited to come by some time during the day to see this amazing group of musicians prepare for a competition the next day as part of the southern part of their summer tour. The group will be arriving around 3:30am, and will depart around 11:00pm the same day. Any time mid morning until late at night, the members of GENESIS will be rehearsing in various outdoor locations around the campus.

Drum Corps International (DCI) is “marching music’s Major League.” Students aged 13-22 from all across the world audition for a membership in one of the fifty DCI corps each year. Students learn music, and begin rehearsals in the late fall or early winter.¬†Rehearsals continue throughout the school year at weekend camps, until it’s time for summer move in at the end of the school year. Students then spend the entire summer touring around the country performing nearly every night in NFL, NCAA, and HS stadiums across the country in hopes of earning a spot in the DCI World Championships held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in mid-August. To learn more about DCI and its competing corps, watch the video below! We hope you can some out to see the group


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