UIL Area Marching Contest Weather Announcement

This is taken from an email from our UIL Area B Music coordinator, Steve Musser. We’ve had several questions about the weather, and hopefully this answers any questions you may have. This is entirely UIL’s decision when it comes to weather.

“I know you are all concerned about the weather forecast for Saturday. It was getting better now it is worse. There are no contingencies state wide for an alternate date. This is due to many factors such as travel cost because of distances, availability of judges, availability of stadiums and on and on.

We will do everything in our power to finish PRELIMS at a reasonable hour so we can have FINALS. Our main priority for the day is to complete PRELIMS and that per the C&CR FINALS may be cancelled if weather delays cause the day to exceed time to complete FINALS. In that case PRELIMS Rankings will be considered as FINALS. Midnight will be the cutoff for a reasonable time.

We will delay or hold the contest only if lightning or other conditions threaten student safety. In light rain the show will go on. If we have heavier rain or wind we may also decide to hold the contest until it lightens up. We will also be following the Denton ISD protocols. If a band starts in a light rain and it becomes heavier or lightning starts during a performance, we will stop the performance, move the students to a safe area. When we start again the band will be allowed to start their show from the beginning.

The contingency for not being able to finish Prelims on Saturday is to invite bands that did not get to do their PRELIMS performance to comeback on Sunday and do that performance. (I have a feeler out to Denton ISD and the judges about the availability of the stadium and judges on Sunday.) In that case PRELIMS Rankings will serve as FINALS.

I know none of this is optimum for such an important event, but it is the hand we have been dealt. I know all of you will work with us to make the best of a stressful situation. As Brad (Brad Kent, Director of UIL Music) said in our email “Not sure the good Lord likes marching band.”

Steve Musser

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