Updated Donation List

Hello everyone!  Please see below for the updated volunteer/donation list.

1) Concession Stand volunteers

Oct. 9 – Davidsons, Dickisons, Putt (need 1 volunteer)

Oct. 16 – Davidsons, Putt, Tonya Montgomery, Kevin Kennington, Terri Punzel

Oct. 30 – Davidsons, Putt (need 2 volunteers)

2) Pre-Game Feed the Band Fridays (meals need to be delivered at 4:00pm) – confirmed!

Here are the current scheduled volunteers for our remaining games:

Oct. 9 – Michael & Amy Gordon

Oct. 16 – Mark & Vannessa Payne

Oct. 23 – Tonya Montgomery & Kevin Kennington

Oct. 30 – Lauri Putt

Nov. 6 – Wes & Stephanie Davidson

3) Princeton “Sounds of Fall” Contest Meal (delivered at the school Oct. 10, 7:30 am) – confirmed!

What Who Details
15  Sandwiches Shawn Williams No condiments just meat, cheese, peanut butter, etc.
Each individually wrapped and labeled. Total of 45 sandwiches needed.
15  Sandwiches Cherry Webb
15  Sandwiches Michael Gordon
40 individual bags chips Terri Punzel Individual serving chip bags
40 individual bags chips Shawn Williams
40 individual snack cakes Terri Punzel These can be little Debbie’s snack cakes, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc.
40 individual snack cakes Tonya Montgomery
40 individual snack cakes Shawn Williams
40 candy items Shawn Williams Halloween candy works great.
40 candy items   Michael Gordon
40 bottles of Gatorade Lauri Putt
Apples Michael Gordon

Please continue checking www.mightytomcatband.com for updates!


Wes Davidson

Band Booster President

Email: Stephandwes92@yahoo.com

Cell: (903) 815-3628

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