MTB Leadership Team 2015-2016

Congratulations to the fine students who have gone above and beyond to participate in the Leadership Team this year. Each of these students worked hard to make a difference in the band, school, and community through performing a service project and “wow” project.

The direction and quality of this band will be whatever we make of it, and the students listed below want our band to be a top level group. I have no doubt we can be just that with the Leadership Team’s encouragement, and guidance, and with hard work and dedication from every single member of our band. This next year looks exciting! Help me congratulate these students!

Mighty Tomcat Band Leadership Team 2015-2016
-Results posted in no particular order.-
David Dickison – President/Loading Crew Captain
Zac Hamilton – Vice President/Uniform Manager
Taylor Canada – Drum Major/High WW Section Leader
Janna Payne – Historian/High WW Section Leader
Lane Williams – High Brass Section Leader/Media Team
Zach Gordon – Drum Line Section Leader/Media Team
Kristian Enbysk – Librarian/Media Team
Mariah Adcock – Librarian/Morale/Historian
Lilly Jones – Morale/Member at Large
Kelsey Ulmer – Morale/Low WW Section Leader
Remember this band, and these leadership positions will be whatever we make of them. These positions and job descriptions can be amended and modified as needed based on the needs of our band, and the strengths of our members. Congratulations again!
P.S. – Leadership team will receive an email from me later this evening with a couple of details about our first meeting.
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  1. Jennifer Adcock says:

    Congrats to all the leaders


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