Finish Strong!

497374910_9ae0f0adfa_z It’s the end of the year, and most students and teachers are feeling a bit tired. But don’t worry, only 11 more days till school’s out!

11 more days till school’s out means we have a lot to take care of in 11 days! Here’s what I need you to be aware of:

  • Band calendar is updated with a few minor changes.
    • The cookout has been rescheduled to the first day of band camp at the end of July.
    • A complete football schedule has now been added. Detailed information about arrival and departure times, as well as maps and directions to our games will be added before school ends.
  • Just a reminder that band officer interviews will be May 30 (not June) at 7:00pm. Be sure you complete the application packet (there are extra copies at the band hall). This is for everyone who wants a leadership position (including drum majors and section leaders).

DRUM MAJOR CANDIDATES: I will be uploading a video in the next day or so giving some more direction to the drum major candidates on the audition process.

DRUMLINE MEMBERS: I will also be uploading a recording of the drumline placement music for you to listen to/practice with (also available at the band hall).

EVERYONE: I will also be making a final choice on the marching show this weekend after I have a chance to go to the music store in Denton and look actually look at the music.

11 more days! Finish strong, and WITH PRIDE!

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